Whisk & Rye
Bakehouse & Mobile Coffee

Crafting unique baked goods in Durham, North Carolina

Whisk & Rye was conceived through our owner Shelby’s dream of one day owning an inclusive bakery, where people of all backgrounds are welcomed to enjoy traditional French pastries catered to a wide array of taste buds. We enjoy creating traditional pastries with both classic and modern flavor profiles that everyone can enjoy. For almost every traditional pastry we bake, we go out of our way to create a vegan counterpart so that everyone can enjoy baked goods as much as we do.

Local Ingredients

All of our baked goods are created using North Carolina grown and milled flour, partnering with Lindley Mills.

Vegan Options

We are especially proud of our vegan pastry items. We are able to create a traditional French style croissant and scone without sacrificing texture or flavor; giving anyone with dietary resctrictions or needs the option to still enjoy the guilty indulgences that they love.

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